Easy ways to enhance daily use of your target language!

When studying a language it is extremely important to practice every day even if it’s for only five minutes. Like exercise, music and language development are cumulative which means if you are not practicing consistently, you are not progressing, or even maintaining what you’ve already accomplished. Unlike formal classes, language apps are available to you all the time, and are mostly free of charge.

Here are the apps that we love, and use at home!

memrise-android Memrise

duo Duolingo 

bots Learnbots

Google Google Translate

NISs News in slow Spanish

rosetta Rosetta Stone

Other great ways to enhance the daily use of your target language include simply switching your normal daily routine tasks to include the use of the language you’re learning. This works particularly well with things that you are the most familiar with. I love doing this with Movies from my childhood because I can recite them in my native language, which makes it very easy to relate to my target language! The goal is exposure, don’t expect to understand everything.

  • Change the settings of your favorite web pages and apps to your target language.
  • Switch your phone or tablet settings to your target language.
  • Read news updates, even just headlines, in your target language.
  • Listen to radio programs, podcasts, and music in your target language.
  • Subscribe to joke or meme feeds in your target language.
  • Enjoy movies or series with audio and/or subtitles in your target language.
  • Get some bilingual books and read in your target language without needing a dictionary!

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