Hello! Hola! Cześć! I am Alixandra Porembski, from Chicago, Illinois, USA!

Since 1999, I have been teacDSN_9163hing both Music and Language to people of all ages in the United States, Spain, and Poland. I have studied English, Latin, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Polish. I have spent time living in the U.S., Spain, and Poland, in addition to being well traveled throughout the Americas and continental Europe. I hold an Advanced Placement Degree in Humanities, a Bachelor’s Degree in Music, and Masters Degree and Masters Certificate of Business Administration. I am an Oxford registered educator. I have studied foreign languages in the prestigious institutions of the University of Houston, Instituto Cervantes, and Saint Xavier University. I have long been a proponent of Arts and Music Education with a keen interest in Language and Culture. Over the course of my 17 year teaching career I have developed a unique and strategic method of Language and Music Instruction for children as young as 1.5 years to adults of retirement age. I invite you to come and learn with me!

I am Eloy Panizo Padrón of El Hierro, Canary Islands, Spain!


As a result of having studied with a number of foreigners, in many countries, and having traveled widely to perform during the course of my musical formation, I developed a great love of language and communication. I hold a Bachelor of Music degree in Trombone Performance from the Codarts University for the Arts in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, as well as an Artist Diploma from the Colburn School Conservatory of Music in Los Angeles, California, USA. I have extensively studied Spanish, English, Dutch and Polish. I have taught both Music and Language in Spain, the Netherlands, the United States, and Poland. Over the years I have tuned my systemic method of practicing and performing music as a professional and adapted it to my own language learning ideology. I would love to share it with you!

For Courses and Availability:

united-kingdom-01 48 570 651 951

spain-01 48 739 211 797

poland-01 48 739 211 797

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