We believe in presenting a well-rounded course and ask our students to touch upon every aspect of the language during each session. Typically, we like to use Oxford and Cambridge materials because they provide a solid cumulative base. We supplement our classes with Planning Logic’s custom materials library, exercises from our favorite resources, news articles and story books, games, videos, songs and rhythms, and activities that inspire conversation and movement. Adults are asked to engage more heavily in conversation, composition, and pronunciation, while children are inspired to play and learn vocabulary in an immersive environment.

Planning Logic Students receive access to a vast library of materials that are customized specifically to meet their needs as issues arise in their lessons. To gain access, contact us about scheduling lessons or send a purchase request to PlanningLogicStudio@gmail.com



For Courses and Availability:

united-kingdom-01 48 570 651 951

spain-01 48 739 211 797

poland-01 48 739 211 797

Contact us:




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